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The Soap Box



Wake up to better skin with all-natural bath and body products from The Soap Box in Devonshire, Bermuda. We offer soaps, bath salts, body butter, and hair oils.

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How We Started

The SoapBox is a family-owned business in Devonshire, Bermuda, founded in 2018. Our founder was interested in doing an activity that would be fun and relaxing as their full-time job is strenuous and sensitive. So, off they went searching different websites, social media, and other types of research until they settled on soapmaking.

They started off making soap for our immediate family and friends. They got many good reviews back that their family decided that we will help, and you can make this an everyday product people will love. So, here we are today with a couple of holidays behind us, making our products great gifts that everyone in your family can use.

It has been fun, relaxing, and rewarding sharing our soap with you.

Our Natural Soap